Hi, I’m Kevin ‘Prof’ Rom

photographer, videographer

My passion for photography started in 2005 with the purchase of my first semi professional camera. It followed me around on my travels and to sporting events I participated in. Landscape, sport and candid photography of people seem to be what inspired me. Back then it was nothing but creative hobby. After a few years it went into mild hibernation.

Fast forward to 2014 and the beginning of small passion business, I realized that social media was the best way to advertise and market this new venture. The more I investigated social media the more the message of ‘quality content creates the perception of quality product’ was emphasized. This lit the photography flame again.

The more I drove myself to create better content the more my creativity was inspired. I also realized that some formal education on the topic as well as spending some time with those already in the field, would help.

With a few diplomas behind my name and some over investment in gear, according to my wife anyway, plus my desire to continue to learn and grow I am in wonderful position to create content and memories for others.

It has become exceptionally rewarding for me to see the reaction of people when they are presented with beautiful photos of the themselves. Long may that continue.

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